I got the answer….

You are a unicorn Everything on you is classy and nice. You are the quiet hero, the one who unnoticed makes the world better. Your power lies inside you, outside you look careful and shy. There are a few people who you trust, as most people just want to use you for their own interest.

Vilken bra idé tyckte E.T , < 2 1/2 år ,om sin vän A:s idé med att ta skottkärran till hjälp för alla prylar.

Då ropar E.T’s pappa att det är dags att ……
Hur var det nu?

Duuu….scha, duuu… ska , buuu…sa….???


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Nu var det färdigtstädat på den sidan, men hur blev det på andra sidan staketet…???

E.T’s vän A vet besked ,vad som gör det mycket enklare att städa undan saker & ting utan att bära en pryl i taget. Han hämtar , ja vadå, om inte ……en skottkä….???:)

All right reserved:W.signesdottir.H

E.T städar & dolar med glatt humör.:)

All right reserved:W.signesdottir.H

Ambivalent reaktion!!!

What ocean animal are you?

You’re multi-faceted and highly capable.
You work hard, but in the smartest way possible.
You learn things effortlessly and solve problems without a single flinch.
Your intelligence and sentience is superb. If you ever get down, you get back up in the blink of an eye.

You’re so far ahead it feels pointless to try to catch up with you.

You quietly make the world go round and that is highly commendable.